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El Chorro is a well known area among climbers. The river Guadalhorce runs through the gorge El Chorro, also called Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. The gorge is 3-4 km. long and up to 400 meters of depth. At some points not more than 10 meters wide. Along the gorge runs the railway track to Málaga and also Camino del Ray. Camino del Ray, "the King's path", is so called because history has it that in 1921, Alfonso XIII walked here when he opened the water reservoirs above the gorge. The path runs along the walls of the gorge, but unfortunately it has been closed since 1992 because it is in a bad shape. Nowadays it's only passable for climbers.

However, you may look over both the gorge and the King's path if you from El Chorro station follow the road on the eastern side of the water reservoir. From here you walk onto the railway line and follow the line through the tunnels. There is enough space on the side of the track for a train to pass by you.

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