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The picture to the left gives a little insight into the biking terrain surrounding HumbleBee Home.

It offers possibilities and challenges for all levels of bikers. There are tarmaced roads, dirt roads, tractor and goat tracks. The pictures below shows a couple of bikers in action on the roads and tracks around us and also climbing the mountain behind the village Valle de Abdalajís - a challenge only for the toughest.

Goat herds is a common thing to see around us and don't be surprised if you come around a bend and have to stop to let them cross the road. However, the goats are very disiplined and a few shouts from the shepherd and his dogs is all that is needed for them to move to the side so you can pass.

Link to map over bike routes

In the area around Valle de Abdalajís there are three signposted bike routes of varying length and difficulty as well. All the routes may be started directly from HumbleBee Home and you join up with them not far from the finca.
Ruta de los Nogales (BTT 1) The first route is 17,5 km long with a total ascent of 517 meters. It is classified as medium hard. The route passes by the two villages of La Joya and Nogales. You can just about see Nogales from the finca and starting the ride from here makes the route approx. 3-4 kilometers longer.
Ruta de la Joya (BTT 2) The second route is 15,5 km long with a total ascent of 312 meters. It is classified as easy and starting from the finca makes it only about 1 km longer. The route passes by the village La Joya.
Ruta de la Rejoná (BTT 3) The third route is the longest one with 20,3 km. It has a total ascent of 487 meters and is classified with medium to high difficulty. This route is on the other side of the valley and Valle de Abdalajís. It runs through the mountains over and behind the village and towards the lakes and El Chorro.