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HumbleBee Home is the B&B where you find peace, relaxation and atmosphere mixed with local culture, local activities and an international clientele.


We have 4 rooms, 2 double and 2 twin rooms. When required, we can put spare beds into the rooms. The 4 rooms share 2 bathrooms. If the summer gets too hot for you, you can go for a swim in our swimming pool.

HumbleBee Home is meant to be your home away from home. We wish to give you a feeling of companionship, that you are part of "the big family" that is here at any given time. We all take part in creating the atmosphere that makes us special. You meet new people here and may make new friends.

In addition to breakfast, some days we offer dinner as well - a set menu. This we all enjoy together, guests and hosts, at our big table. We cater for vegetarians as well. In the bar you help yourself and make a note of what you drink. We base ourselves on trust.

This is a place very suitable for children, they can run around freely and play with our dogs or the cat. There are no cars to worry about and plenty of space.

Or what about bringing some friends for some kind of celebration? We have good experience with both birthday and wedding day celebrations. We prepare a good dinner while you all enjoy a drink in our little bar. If you really want to make it something special, we can hire El Chumbo, a Spanish guy that together with his little group creates a great atmosphere with flamenco song and dance. And the audience is more than welcome to participate, both in the singing and dancing.





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