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The weather

January 6th, Feast of Three Kings (Día de los Reyes). The night before, the 5th, Christmas presents are delivered by the Three Kings.


February 2nd, Día de Candelaria, the bonfire day.

Fiesta de la Matanza in Ardales 3rd Sunday of February.

February 28th, Andalucía day.


Flamenco in the flamenco club in Álora every Saturday.


Semana Santa - the Easter week is celebrated all over Spain, with prosessions in every city and village.


The temperature is around 20-30 degrees.

La Fiesta de Verdiales de las Tres Cruces - first Sunday of May.

Romeria en honor a San Isidro Labrador, approx. 15th of May, in several villages.

Romeria en honor al Cristo de la Sierra in Valle de Abdalajís the first weekend of May.

La Feria de Primavera in Antequera in the middle of May.

The season for walks and bike rides is coming to an end in the middle of May, it's getting too hot!


The temperature rises to about 30-35 degrees.

Harvesting season for oranges, lemons and grain.

San Juan - is celebrated June 23rd.


It's nice and hot with a temperature around 35 degrees.

Annual fair in La Joya last weekend of July with a horseriding show among other things.

Blues festival in Antequera last weekend of July.

Fig harvesting starts at HumbleBee Home.


Feria Real in Álora July/August.

La Real Feria de Agosto in Antequera in the beginning of August

Festival de Verdiales in Almogía at the beginning of August.

Feria Almogía approx. 15th of August.

August 15th, Feast of the Assumption.

Fiestas Mayores in Valle de Abdalajís in the middle of August.

Festival de Cante Grande in Álora - flamenco singing.


Romeria de Virgen de Flores in Álora the first Sunday following September 8th.

Embrujo de la Luna Mora, moorish moon festival with market and flamenco in Carratraca.

Fiesta de la vendimia (wine harvest) in Manilva the first weekend. They prepare a "lagar" where you can participate in crushing the grapes.

We pick and dry almonds at HumbleBee Home.

The season for walks and bike rides starts in the middle of September when the temperatures are getting lower.


First Saturday of October is Día de Sopa Perota in Álora. This local dish is served on Plaza Baja.

October 12th, Spain's National day (Día de la Hispanidad).

Procession in Pizarra in honour of the village saint.

Día de la almendra (the almond day) the first Sunday of the month.

Mid October, artesanian cheese fair in Teba.


November 1st, All Saint´s Day is celebrated.

November 2nd, Dia de los Muertos, "The day of the dead", when one pays respect to the dead.


December 6th, Spain´s constitutional day.

December 8th, La Inmaculada Concepción (Feast of the Immaculate Conception).

From the middle of December you can listen to Christmas carols in the bars accompanied by the local instrument zambomba. This is a must!

In December the local flamenco clubs arrange a flamenco evening.

December 24th, La Nochebuena, would you like to celebrate Christmas with us at HumbleBee Home?

December 31st, La Nochevieja, People greet Nochevieja in front of the clock in the main square where they eat the 12 grapes of good luck, one for each chime.